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Sterilisation Reversal
in Tunis, Tunisia

Sterilisation is a medical procedure to stop a women's reproductive ability.  About 5 percent of women who do this, look for reversal of sterilisation

Reversal from sterilisation is available, in fact it is very popular.  In the process of sterilisation the fallopian tubes in a woman are either cut or tied, so that the eggs do not get transported to the womb.  Thus, it restricts the fertilisation of eggs.  Through reversal of sterilisation the doctors try to re-connect the fallopian tubes if they are not damaged badly.

Under general anesthetic a Laparotomy is done to trim the fallopian tubes.  This is done so that the fallopian tubes are reconnected.  Reconnection is done using very fine sutures.
The whole operation is done using an operating microscope.  There will be a pe riod of inpatient care.

Either cutting or using rings

1,100 euros
plus flights and accommodation.

reversal of sterilisation
The rate of success is about 20%

2,200 euros
plus flights and accommodation


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