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Extras at the International Hospital, La Soukra - Tunis, Tunisia

La Soukra in Tunis, Tunisia
Optional Extras



Accommodation in the hospital




Additional night stay for patients (meals incl)

70 euros



For companion per night (meals incl)

60 euros



Large Suite for patient and companion per night (meals incl)

£160 GBP





Children with a patient




Child minding for small children, approx daily (incl meals)

30 euros


Children's rooms available, approx per night (incl meals) for 2 children

60 euros





Additional transfers


  For companions arriving/departing at different times to patients, to or from the airport in Tunis

20 euros



In case you have decided to book a package trip from a travel agent and your hotel is in Hammamet, to travel by taxi for one journey, expect to pay about

90 to 100 euros



For a group of patients by hospital driver for one journey , expect to pay about

60 euros






In the event that corrections might be necessary after your surgery, the surgeon's fee is generally free, but the hospital will still make charges and these are as follows the best approximations that can be made:-






Including 3 nights in the hospital, blood test if needed, fees for the anesthetist and post op treatment (not including implants)






Price can be less if :- you still have the garment used for the first surgery, the stay at the clinic is less than 3 nights and all post op tests are carried out in the UK prior to travel.

From 1,000 euros





Flights are not included for revision trips but if you plan to have another procedure at the same time as a revision, see what is included in the cost of the new procedure.


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