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Ocular Plastic & Ophthalmic
surgery in Tunisia for eyes & eyelids




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These procedures are usually carried out with other surgery that include flights and accommodation, which are not included in the prices below.  

Eyelid surgery for 2  (blepharoplasty)
Surgery only price - Day case surgery if done on their own.

1,400 euros

Eyelid surgery for lower lids plus minilift lower lids

1,500 euros

Eyelid surgery for 4  (blepharoplasty)
Surgery only price - Day case surgery if done on their own.

1,800 euros

Eyelid surgery for 4, plus minilift for the lower lids

1,900 euros

Adjustments of another surgeons work.  Corrections to previous surgery can take longer to do and be more complicated than a straightforward blepharoplasty.  Prices can be estimated if good photographs can be sent, with a good explanation of what happened previously.  The patient must have a good expectation of the outcome, as miracles can take longer!  
Surgeons workshop.  Being one of the best ocular plastic surgeons in the world, this surgeon demonstrates his techniques to other surgeons.  If you wish to take part as the patient in these workshops, then you can qualify for a discount for your surgery.  

Wavefront Lasik eye sight correction

Price includes a meet & greet service from the airport.

1,600 euros

Intraocular Lenses
This surgery replaces the lenses in the eye and the latest prescription is needed for assessment.  Includes all surgery fees and carried out as a day case.

1,500 euros
Per eye

Caterract surgery and all other ophthalmic surgery available in Tunis.  Pl ease ask for details.  

You would be required to stay 3 nights in a hotel in the area and you should allow at least £150 for this.  Ask Linda about booking a hotel that gives patients special rates.



Chin enhancement

1,000 euros

Nose tip enhancement

1,000 euros

Brow lift

1,000 euros

Sma lift, mid lift

1,000 euros

Smas lift lower face

1,000 euros

Two procedures together

1,500 euros

Local aneasthetic, out patent procedure



Also available
Botox per zone
Juvederm per zone

250 euros
250 euros

Radiage, per session

150 euros

Removal of begnign skin lesions

200 euros

Contact Dr Chedly Bouzouaya direct by using the button below and sending him your enquiry

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