Linda Briggs  Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia


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Clinique in Tunis, Tunisia

The Private General Hospital in La Soukra, Tunis, Tunisia. One end of the building.

The Clinique
is a private general hospital with full Accident and Emergency Department and Intensive Care unit.

There is no MRSA, C,dif or hospital acquired infections at this hospital

If you would like Linda Briggs to help arrange your surgery


  • Individual rooms with en suite shower
  • Suites of rooms available (bedroom and sitting room with en suite shower room)
  • Most rooms have patio doors leading to a separate balcony
  • Facilities for companions and children for overseas patients
  • TV and telephones in all rooms
  • Air conditioning
  • Additional patient TV lounge with lounge seating and patio seating
  • Coffee Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Rehabilitation/physio facilities
  • Swimming pool and many other treatment facilities
  • Chauffer and hostess for meet and greet service from Tunis airport.

Set in its own secure grounds, this hospital has the latest state of the art equipment you would expect to see in any modern medical facilitiy in the US

Report on medical congress at the International Hospital in Tunisia

The International hospital played host to some of the worlds famous surgeons recently and Linda now has the opportunity to organise surgery by some of these top surgeons for her patients.  Read who it was

More pictures and information


Waiting to be served in the Cafe

The Café for patients and staff

A corner of the large patient resturant where meals can be taken.

Part of the Restaurant

The patient TV lounge with leather chesterfield suite for your comfort

Patients TV lounge seating

The patio/balcony outside the TV lounge.  Make your own tea with the facilities provided in the lounge and sit here as long as you like

Patio/balcony seating

The Private General hospital in la Soukra, Tunis

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