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Tunisia offers an unhurried life style, lovely weather and clean seas
just 2 hours 30 minutes from London.  Any procedure can be arranged in Tunisia, please ask if you cannot see the procedure you would like


Maxillo-Facial, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon

Before & After
Press cuttings

Click here to request a CV and information on booking a consultation.

French registered surgeon
visits monthly, specialising in all breast procedures, tummy tucks and lipo. Get to know your surgeon by meeting him in London first. GMC Specialist Registered

World renowned specialist bodylifting surgeon

Before & After

Based in France with occasional sessions in Tunis for dramatic savings
Honored by the American Society of Plastic Surgery as the best plastic surgeon in the world for body lift

Specialist Ocular Surgeon


Ask Linda about this very skilled and specialised eye surgeon.  For cosm etic lifts, eye sight correction and cataract surgery.  Anything for the eyes.  
Read his CV here



Lasik eye correction
surgery and cataract surgery available.

Board Certified Cosmetic surgeon
Before & After

Professor John Yousif
visits from the US once a year in February specialising in face lifts and breast reconstruction after cancer.

Hair Restoration

Click here to read the CV of the surgeon carrying out hair restoration in Tunisia

Thoracic Surgeon

For endoscopic sympathectomy
at The International Hospital, La Soukra

Vascular surgeon

Varicose vein
at The International Hospital La Soukra

Orthopaedic surgeon

International Hospital La Soukra
specialises in hip and knee replacements and offers a full range of physiotherapy and complete care packages for a good recovery.

Intervention Radiologist

Dr K Hamza  -
Treatment for fibroids.

Obesity Surgeon
Press cuttings

Request the CV of the surgeon for more information
about gastric banding at Clinique La Soukra. Click here for prices

For health checks

With many specialists at the clinic, its is possible to see a specialist on the same day and have a complete report before returning to the UK if problems are uncovered by a health check.

Physiotherapy Department

Many patients or their companions have made use of this service while at the clinic.  Many problems have been corrected in a few days after years of previous suffering.

Lady Gynaecologist and Obstratician


Get more information about the surgeon by clicking here

For all gynaecology and designer vagina procedures

If you cannot see what you are looking for Contact Linda Briggs

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