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Clinique de la Soukra, Tunis, Tunisia. One end of the building.


GMC Specialist Registered
Maxillo-Facial Reconstructive &
Cosmetic Surgeon

Consultations in London or Paris

English Speaking, GP support in the UK

The International Hospital at la Soukra is a large private general hospital carrying out every kind of medical procedure including cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

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To receive the cosmetic surgeon's CV and more information on surgery in Tunisia,  please click the button below to receive it by email immediately.

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The cosmetic surgeon works in
Paris most of the time, but patients can take advantage of cheaper
hospital fees when he is working in Tunisia and take advantage of more inpatient care for recovery.

The cosmetic surgeon is registered in France and it is not permitted under French Law to
have his details on a web site, so please use the purple button above.

The cosmetic surgeon's skills cover all areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery, but his particular expertise is face and breast surgery as well as lipoplasty.  He has carried out a vast number of body lifts for patients after weight loss.  These include tummy tucks, lipo, arm and thigh lifts

See testimonials and before and after pictures

The expertise of this cosmetic surgeon with breasts enables him to offer:-

Incisions around the nipple.
Incisions under the breast.

With implants behind the muscle
Or in front of the muscle

See his breast reconstructions after cancer

** AL (on price list) = Lifting without a pre auricular incision.(not in front of the ears).  This new technique is carried out under local anesthesia.  Indicated for younger patients.

Telephone Linda
+44 (0)1354 610368


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